Still Updateing

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Well, as you can see I have added a few more “old” post onto blogger. It seems that most of the votes are for Blogger and that this will more then likely be home from now on, so I’m back to work bring all the things over. You will still be able to vote until the end of Nov, and all my new post will still be over at Crocheted Dreams, but don’t forget to come here and see all the “old” post that you may have missed.

I haven’t made anything lately. I have been finishing up the Candy Corn bags and a few other UFO’s, but nothing close to being finished yet. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Ravelry and boy has that been fun. If you are on let me know and I’ll look you up or you can find my. I’m hazlecreek most everywhere.

I hope that everyone has a great and safe Halloween!!

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Took a Short Break

After “Green Clover” found her home up north I thought I would take a bit of a break what with school ending and all the rainy days down here in Texas it seemed like a good time. I was hoping that my muse might lead me back to doing some PS’ing (photoshopping), but I guess not. There have been some really great pictures come out, but I just can’t seem to get inspired. I have been waiting on a friend to send me her old copy of PS CS 2, but she hasn’t yet (I’m not one to bug). I’m hoping that that will get me going again.

Well back to crocheting! I did get two of those Swiffer covers made. I didn’t follow the pattern that I posted a while back, I thought that I just might be able to make that on my own. I will have to revamp my pattern a bit. It is too loose on the ends, so I just need to do about two less dc’s. So heres a picture of it…

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As you can see I used up my scrap cotten yarn, and why not it just for the floor. Alesa now has the chore, every night, to sweep the kitchen and so she will go and spray it with floor cleaner and then go around the kitchen and clean it. I’m going to have to make alot more.

I’ve also started on Alesa’s blanket, finally, I’m still playing around with it. I haven’t been able to find a pattern that I liked so this is another one that I’m going to have to make up as I go. I’m so use to following patterns that I don’t trust myself to make something without one.

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Sorry that the picture is blurry and dark. It’s hard to see the colors but there is a dark purple and a light purple, a light pink and electric pink. I’m going to add in two more colors of purple and pink, both of which are light baby colors. I’m pretty sure how I’m going to peice them together I just hope that it works.

And last but not least my current WIP, I got the latest copy of Creative Knitting and in it I found a pattern for the “Cool Cozy Shrug”. It’s really cute and it calls for size 6 super bulky yarn which I just happen to have in some recycled yarn from an old sweater that I took apart.

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I really like the shrug and it says it’s an easy pattern so I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to do it. I finished the back last night (the piece that is shown it the photo) and I’m starting to work on the sleeves today. If I finished this it will be the first piece of clothing that I have ever made for myself.

I’m just glad that I got to use my recycled yarn. I really liked that color of it, but the sweater was too tight and I didn’t want to get rid of it so I took it apart. I have another ball that is just about as big as this one. I don’t know what I’ll do with it. Maybe something for Alesa we’ll see.

Well, that’s about it for now. Once I get some more done I’ll post it so you all can see just how far I’ve gotten.


Finished Project

Liz, your ever so sweet Mikayla’s horse is done!

I had so much fun making this one, and it turned out soo much better then the first one that I made for Alesa. I wanted to do something different with the hair, but the ideal that I had didn’t work out, but I like this one too. All and all I am completely happy with it! I hope you and Mikayla will be too.

I may not be able to send it out until Thursday, but I’ll let you know for sure when.


Thrift Store Finds

Well, I didn’t get a whole lot done this past week and a half. My daughter was sick for the past 6 days. She was running a fever that wouldn’t seem to go away no matter what we did. The hit 104.0 3 times and after two trips to the Dr. and some blood work we were able to find out that she was sick?! Well, she went to school yesterday and showed no signs of fever and she is back to normal today so who knows.

I didn’t get much done on you horse Liz, but I did get start on it again last night. I thought I would show you a pic so that you could see just what I’ve done so far.

I’m working on the legs right now and once those are done it’s time for the hair!! I can’t wait for that part, I am really hopeing that what I want will turn out right. That orange thing is just my stitch marker so I don’t lose my place. I really like the gray feet, but if you would rather have all black just let me know it not too late to change it.

Two weeks ago we started painting Alesa’s room and yesterday I went out and got some yarn to make her a blanket for her bed. The colors are Purple and Pink. I looks like such a big girls room now. Once I get it all done I will share a picture and let you all see it. I’m sure you’ll see the blanket as I’m makeing it. As for blankets my very colorful blanket is just waiting for me to decide if I’m done with it or if I want to make it bigger. I think I’m done, but it may just set there for a while.

I went back to the thrift store today looking for more yarn and I found the same yarn that I put back a week ago. I felt it was a sign for me to get it, especially after finding out it was 50% off so it made it $1.05! The ones that I got were one the cone just like the other two and from the same company.

Well, I guess that just about does it for now. I hope to have your horse done soon and this is the fastest part of the crocheting. Toodles for now.


Re-useable Crochet Swiffer Covers

I have seen these a couple of places but can never remember where I found them, so I wanted to link to this so I wouldn’t lose it. This one seems pretty easy and stright forward, and let’s face it, isn’t that what we look for. It uses leftover Sugar’ N Cream so that makes it great for throwing in the wash. I got quite a few ball months ago from my local thrift store to make dishclothes with, but I’m sure I’ll have planty leftover to make a few of these.

Re-useable swiffter covers. Tell me what you think!



I don’t care if you just happened to stummble on this blog or if you are a long time reader, ( Mom ) PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE!!
I can’t make up my mind on which blog I like. There are differnet things on each one of them that I like and one doesn’t out weight the other, so I’m leaving it up to my readers to vote. You all are the ones that have to look at it and, hopefully, leave the comments, so you should get to choose.
Now, I have set up a vote caster on this blog, but, you can go over to Crocheted Dreams have a look, play around with the comments section, or anything else, and then cast your vote. You will have until the end of Nov to vote, and in the mean time I will be bring over my older posts. If you want to read my current post head over to Crocheted Dreams.


Quick and easy knit pattern…

Well, with working in a day care if I have to work in the infants room, which I always do, I can’t wear my shoes in the room. It so we don’t track in dirt or other things off of our shoes, so I’m left with walking around in my socks. Well, when I saw this pattern on DIY’s Knitty Gritty’s show I know that I had to make them.
The patten was really easy to follow and very quick, and I’m a slow knitter. I had one slipper made in about 3 hours and I had to use DPN’s (double pointed needles) which I have never used before, and I’m now in love with. Here is the link to the slippers.

(will post picture soon)

In other news, I am finishing the last row of my very colorful blanket. Once it’s done I will post the size of it. I will be starting on a Hores for you, Liz. I have all the yarn and can’t wait to make it. I should be starting that tonight if Hubby brings home the pattern. I don’t have a printer so I make him print them out at work.
Hope everyone has a good day!