My Wish List

I have quite a few books that I keep adding to my wish list and I thought I would share them with you.
1. Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter. I would have already ordered this book, but it doesn’t come out until May! UGH, I have to wait another month. (I’ve gotten this one now, and I LOVE IT!! )
2. The Crochet Stitch Bible. This one, I was told, has quite a few different stitches in it.
3. Knitting Techniques. In a effort to improve my knitting skills, this one seems like a good chose.

The rest are just some pattern and pattern books that I would like to order…
4. Summer Fashion in Thread Crochet. These tops look like quick summer projects to make.
5. Summer Crochet Fun. I think these are so cute and would love to make them for my daughter.
6. Butterfly Wrap. I think that this is just beautiful!
7. Baroque Ladies Jacket Pattern. Another one that is just beautiful!

Well, that is just a few of the things in my wish list. I’m glad that I put them on here now I don’t have to search all over for them.
Happy Easter Everyone!!