It’s offical

My computer has died! Right now I am using my husbands laptop from work, and not very well I might add, but I wont have this all the time. He will only be able to bring it home every once in a while. Tomorrow he will take ours in and see if there is any hope for it to work, but if not then it wont be until well after the new year that we will be able to get a new one. I wont be able to post any new pictures but I will be able to write a few post here and there so don’t give up on me. I’ll still be around! 😉

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


It beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but One, I wont be here for the next couple of days and Two, I already have my tree up in my house, so why shouldn’t I deck the hall around here! LOL

I am trying my best to work on my Harry Potter scarf, I really need to get a photo of that one up here, in the mean time I have made another on of those wonderful hats. They are so quick and easy to do that I thought I would make one as a possible Christmas gift.

Well, I hope you like the place I will talk with everyone after Thanksgiving. I hope everyone stays safe and don’t eat to much turkey!


I’ve been in a rut…

but I’m out of it now! Check out my new hat!

I got the pattern off of Ravelry, but you can find it here. The pattern was made by Eileen Tepper who had just learned to crochet when she made this, I’ve been crocheting for over 20 years and I can’t come up with squat! LOL Well, I’m really glad she did because I love this hat. It is the only one that I have been able to wear that doesn’t look crazy with my glasses. I also love the 40’ish look to it to. It was super quick to make. I did make mine a bit different, but only because it called for Caron Softee Chunky and I didn’t have any and couldn’t wait until I went to the store to get some, so I used two strands of simply soft and added a extra row of increases after round 6, after that I followed the pattern as is. The one that I first made I didn’t add the increase and it fit my DD just perfect! I’ll have a photo of that one later.

On a different note, I have been having troubles with my computer. Sometimes it lets me start it up and other times it doesn’t. I think it’s about to die, but it’s putting up a good fight. So, if you haven’t heard from me in several, several weeks then you know what’s up. I will be gone next week for Thanksgiving, so I hope that everyone has a safe, wonderful and thankful day!


I’m finally moved in!

As of today, most all of my posts are moved over. I say most as some I didn’t move just because they were useless. Anyway, from now on all my new post will be made on here, so please, if you have me bookmarked as Crocheted Dreams please change it over to Fresh Off The Hook! I will be making one last post over there to let everyone know where they can now find all my new post.

I’m trying to finish up some UFO’s mainly my scarf of many colors. Hubby thinks it’s ugly, so I told him that it wouldn’t only be ugly but really long. I want to make it long enough to wrap my neck once and still hang to my ankles! LOL

I’m also starting on a huge project, IMHO, of making my own pattern for a Cardi Wrap. I have been wanting one for quit sometime now and haven’t been able to find one. (for free anyway) I bought one last year, but it isn’t as long as I would like so it doesn’t wrap around my shoulders. Well last night I set down with pencil, paper, tape measure, and old wrap and wrote out measurement for my own. I really hope this works! Please wish me luck and I may be asking for lots of help!!!!!!!!!

For anyone that is on Ravelry, please look me up. I’m Hazlecreek over there and would love to see what everyone is doing.



I’m finally on! I have to tell you that the wait was pretty short, but I’m glad it’s over. I really didn’t know anything about it before I joined, just that a lot of people from the ‘ville were there, so like a good little sheep I followed. Baaah Wow, that a great place! I love that I can keep track of all my stash, needles, WIP, books, ect…

The added bonus is I decided to switch to Mozilla, because they said that not all the feathers would work with IE, so I uploaded it and let me tell you I have had a quicker internet since. Lately I’ve been having a problem with it running slow and all kinda things, but since I have been using Mozilla I’m zipping around here like crazy. Good cause we thought we it was the computer that was acting up, now we can wait to get a new one.

I have had a good response to my poll about which blog to keep. Everyone seems to think that Fresh Off The Hook is the one to go with. Sandi and Jeanie want me to go with WordPress. Well gals, I did open up a WordPress account before my blogger account and it wasn’t going to work for me. I like to have more control over my layouts, and I really didn’t want to pay for that control. Everything else about it I liked, but that was the kicker for me. With Blogger I’ll get to play around with CSS again. The joy of codes. Anyway, the poll will still be up until the end of Nov, unless all the votes keep coming up for Blogger.\

On the crochet home front, I’m starting the Stylish Sweater Coat from this month issue of Crochet Today. It’s experienced and I’m not that, but I’m hoping that it wont be too hard to do. I’ll let you know if it becomes just another UFO.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Three cheers for Amazon…

On Sunday I ordered Everyday Crochet from Amazon.com, on Tue I got an email saying that they had shipped it, and today I got it on my door steps!! Now thats what I call fast shipping. Now, I did order it stright from Amazon and not one of the many venders on there, I was able to get the free shipping on it and another book that I ordered.

Also, I have been thinking about moving my blog to another host. I like the way Bravenet has it set up, but I don’t like that I’m limitied to how many links I can have. Without a paid upgrade I can only have 25 links. I have a blogger account, but I don’t like it that much, it’s not user friendly to me. If you have an blog somewhere else, tell me about it and what you like about it I may have to give it a try.

On the hook right now is still those candy corns, I only have three more to make, so no rush. I have a shawl that I want to make, it call for two skiens of Homespun, so I may have to give it a go. Now I want to go and look through my new book and go and find the perfect yarn to make something!


New Off The Hooks!

I have been busy makeing goodies bags for my daughers first grade class. I found the pattern on Crochetville, it was posted by Cheryl 61, so a big THANK YOU to her. I have 12 done and I need about six more.

I did make them bigger so that I could fit more goodies in them. I just think they are too cute!!

Not so new off the hook is my Lacy Jacket that you may remember me talking about. I didn’t make it like the pattern because as I was doing it I was haveing a hard time following the pattern. I don’t know it was becasue the pattern was so mess up or if it was me, I haven’t really made a garment before. Anyway, I like the way it turned out! It works better for me as I’m not a really lacy person. .

I have to find some type of button or pen to close it with, but I have an earring that I would like to use. We’ll see.

I’m working on a starghan for DD now and have a few books that I would like to order, but aside from that I’ve got nothing. I’ll let you know what else I’m up to later.