Just a few little things…

Well, Alesa came to me yesterday and told me that her tooth was loose, yes, her very first tooth is about to fall out. How the time does fly! So, I thouht I would make her a little case to put her tooth in for the tooth fariy.

(coin shows size)

Super simple to make it hardly needs to be told, but you never know. Ch 8 turn and sc in the the next 6 chs, *ch 2, sc * for the next 10 rows. ch2 turn and sc in the back loops only ch2, sc for the next 3 rows finish off. sew up sides of 10 rows so that ridges of your back loops only are at the outside top of your work. Ch 10 and use as your handle. If you have any question about this let me know, I’m not good at explaining things sometimes.

The second thing I have been working on is a cell phone case that my mother in law wanted me to make her. It is knitted and has cables that I have never done before, so I was really excited to give it a try.

I love the way the cables came out but I think I could have done better on the bottom flap. She wants me to make her another one for a friend of hers, so I’ll have another shot at it. The pattern can be found here. It may need to be smaller if you have one of those flip phones, but that is easy enough to fix.



2 thoughts on “Just a few little things…”

  1. Oh that little coin case is so cute! How special she’ll feel! It’ll make losing that tooth not so scary. My son was mortified when he lost his first and insisted that I put it back in for him. LOL!

    I like the cell phone carrier. What a neat idea! It would easily slip onto a belt.

    Love that knitting smilie, by the way.
    Friday, June 29th 2007 @ 5:57 AM

  2. That is too funny Liz! They can say some of the cuties things. I told Ryan on day that he could not cross the parking lot by himself because he was still small and need supervision. He told me that he was Superman and HAD super vision! That will be the story that haunts him his whole life.

    Aleas loves her little bag and can’t wait for her tooth to come out so that she can put it in the bag. Now if I can just get her to stop playing with the bag so it doesn’t get lost before the tooth comes out.
    Friday, June 29th 2007 @ 6:50 AM

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