I’m finally moved in!

As of today, most all of my posts are moved over. I say most as some I didn’t move just because they were useless. Anyway, from now on all my new post will be made on here, so please, if you have me bookmarked as Crocheted Dreams please change it over to Fresh Off The Hook! I will be making one last post over there to let everyone know where they can now find all my new post.

I’m trying to finish up some UFO’s mainly my scarf of many colors. Hubby thinks it’s ugly, so I told him that it wouldn’t only be ugly but really long. I want to make it long enough to wrap my neck once and still hang to my ankles! LOL

I’m also starting on a huge project, IMHO, of making my own pattern for a Cardi Wrap. I have been wanting one for quit sometime now and haven’t been able to find one. (for free anyway) I bought one last year, but it isn’t as long as I would like so it doesn’t wrap around my shoulders. Well last night I set down with pencil, paper, tape measure, and old wrap and wrote out measurement for my own. I really hope this works! Please wish me luck and I may be asking for lots of help!!!!!!!!!

For anyone that is on Ravelry, please look me up. I’m Hazlecreek over there and would love to see what everyone is doing.