First post this year!

I thought I would start off this year with a beautiful scarf that I made as a Christmas gift for a crochet friend of mine. It was a super easy pattern to follow, even though it was designed to be a bookmark. You can find that pattern on Crochetroo’s blog. If you scroll down some you will find it listed as American Instruction. I think it makes a super stylish going out scarf. I made it using Caron Simply Soft Heather in Deep Teal.

Of course, I have many more patterns planned for this year and most all I won’t be able to do, because I’ll find even newer patterns that I want to do. lol One that I will do, as soon as I get some size 6 dpn’s and circular needles, is a hat for hubby. The hat is called Koohaas and even thought they has a woman modeling it, it would work well for a man also. That has to be the next project, as I keep getting reminded that I never make anything for him. (I made him a really nice blanket that the dogs just LOVE!) I’ve also started a scarf for my daughters teacher. It’s a pencil and is too cute. The pattern is for knitting, but I have done so much knitting lately that I took the ideal and turned it into a crochet pattern. I don’t know if I can call it my own, but I guess I only took the ideal and not the pattern, so if it turns out I’ll post the pattern on here.

I hope everyone will stay around this year and see what happens.

Happy New Year!!


4 thoughts on “First post this year!”

  1. That is ia gorgeous scarf! I must make one for myself. I actually had that queued for a bookmark, but it looks so nice as a scarf. That’s a neat idea and such a beautiful result!

  2. Thank you Laurah for stopping by. I’ve had it queued for sometime also I just loved the stitch so much that I couldn’t resist making it into something bigger.

  3. I’m so happy that you came by cupcake!! I’m also very glad that you like the scarf!

    Once I get some UFO’s finished I will be making myself one.

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