Still working on the Prairie Star

I’ve gotten a bit more done on the PS. My hand have been hurting me lately and this starts out kinda small with the ch4 and then all the crocheting into that ch, it has caused my hands to ache. I thought I would go ahead an post what I have done so far.

I was really getting excited about this pattern but know that it was for a queen sized bed and my bed is a king, so this would be a bit small. Someone at the ‘ville posted a link to a blog where the lady was planning to make hers bigger. She made herself a template so that it would fit her bed. I loved the ideal, but the layout wasn’t for me. So with my NEW Photoshop Elements 6 I went to town. Now, I didn’t make a whole new layout, but I spend all day (and now my hands are killing me from working on the computer all day) copying, coloring and fixing the old PS layout so that I could see what this finished quitghan was going to look like. Later I’ll play around with making it bigger. So here is what the finished ghan will look like.

I am even more excited now then when I didn’t know! There is only one thing I may play with and that is the two cornmeal colors one the corners. I may make those dark sage??