First FO of the Year!!

Well, this is the first finished object of the year. I started in Dec, and would of had it finished sooner but you know how it is there’s always something new to start.

The Irish Hiking Scarf is now done. It was a very, very easy pattern. Now, I have only done cables once before and this one was super simple. If you are wanting to have a go at cables THIS is the pattern to use.



I use the Bernat yarn
in softee chunky and it made such a warm, thick, and wonderful scarf. I’m sending this one out to you Mom. I told you I would have it done before spring! LOL

Now, I still have the things for the fund raiser, the PS and drum afghans, and a hat for hubby. Maybe I should look for a few more things to make????


1 thought on “First FO of the Year!!”

  1. Thanks, for the spring scarf. LOL LMBO,,,,,,,,but you can have last LOL (told you so) because it is rain today and snow tommorrow. Love it and just right size. Love you all,,,,,,,,,,,,MOM

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