Wednesday's pattern

Wednesday’s Patterns

I thought I would start a new tradition here at Fresh Off The Hook. Every Wednesday I will post a pattern that I happen upon during my running around the web. It could be anything from a blanket to just a motif to a sweater, it may be knitted or crocheted, whatever tickles my fancy that week.

This week it a really cool motif that someone posted at the “Ville”. The Blog is called Undisthreadness and the motif is called 16-Circles Square
This is one that I can’t wait to try out. I see it as a baby blanket, too bad I don’t know anyone expecting but I could donate it. Please, check out her blog as she has other wonderful motif’s.

Happy Hooking


3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Patterns”

  1. Thanks for the links. As a new crocheter, as opposed to an old knitter, I’m finding fewer interesting crochet patterns, although ravelry is helping.

  2. Laurah thanks for the link! I can’t wait to have a look around.

    Thanks for stopping by Life’s a stitch. I’m hopping to make this an every Wednesday think. I going to try to make them interesting. Yes, Ravelry does help a lot! I love that place!

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