Slow going

I haven’t really started anything new and I haven’t really finished anything old. I did get a hat done for Hubby. It was a knitted hat called Claudia. I really enjoyed making it and when I get the chance I’m going to knit another one for myself. I haven’t gotten a photo of it yet. I’m still working on that.

Speaking of still working. I have so much to do for the fundraiser! I’m that type of person that, even if the pattern is super easy, I get board making it over and over. I so want to get 30 dishclothes made and 30 bookmarkes made, but it’s killing me. I think I’m going to add some summer hat to the project list, I like making them, those always work up quick too. I just hope I can get it all done by March 29! One each a day for the rest of the month and I could be finished.

I made ear warmer/head bands for Alesa’s soccer team. It does get cold here in Texas, around here it’s the cold wind that is truly the pain. I, for one, hate to have the wind blow in my ears it gives me such a headache! Well, with them practicing at night and then having early morning games I couldn’t let them be out there with cold ear now could I? All the mother said that they loved them and that I was so nice to do that. That made me feel good as most people snub anything crocheted. I did them in black to match any uniform now or later. I’ll get a picture of them and write out the pattern later.

Happy Hooking everyone!

Wednesday's pattern

Wednesday’s Pattern

OK, I didn’t get a chance last Wednesday to post a Wednesday’s Pattern, let’s face it, I was running around all day and completely forgot about it. So I will post two patterns for the price of one.

Just one More Line has posted a pattern for the Nordstrom Hobo Bag and I must say that I like hers much much better. It can be found here and seems to be easy to follow. Yes, as with most of these patterns this one is also on my to do list. So many patterns so little time! *la sigh*

This next bag is knitted and looks like another easy project. It’s from Drops Design, I love most all their patterns, but they are translated from their Norwegian magazine and all of their terms are in British terms, so be sure to look for UK/US terminology. This is the DROPS Bag with cable pattern. I have seen it done in several different weight yarns so it should be a good project to use up those skeins that you bought and had no clue what you would use them for. *I personally have never done this*

I hope that you enjoy these links and if you make something from any of the links I have given you, please be sure to let me know and make sure that you credit the original author.

Happy Hooking!


PS almost done!

As you can see all I have left to do is to weave in my last few in and add the trim around it. I finished the motif’s on Saturday, but set it aside so that I could work on the hat for DH that I have promised him since Christmas. I did get it finished but the pictures that I just took didn’t turn out to well so that one will have to wait.

Now I have to turn my attention to the fund raiser things that I have to make. I’ve gotten a few “scrunchies” made and a couple dish clothes made and a few bookmarks made, but they are really boring to make! I going to make another one of my Tuttie Fruittie babyghans again. I talked with the lady that is planning this and she said that as long as I have items going to the fundraiser then she didn’t mind if I have other “pricer” items to sell on my own. It’s worth a try right??

Anyway, that’s it for now. I will try to get a picture of the hat tomorrow and have that posted.


PS is almost done!

I feel like it been a huge undertaking to get this thing made, but already I’m thinking of making another one! It’s such a since of accomplishment to have made it and to see the outcome is so rewarding that I want that feeling again. I’m a bit further along then the picture that I’m posting, but I wanted to post it anyway.


I have finished the top and side now and I’m working on the bottom part. I hope to have it that done by the end of the weekend. Then I’ll only have to trim it out. Like I said before, I’m thinking of making another one only this time I want to do it in the same color family, I’m just not sure which family. lol


Wednesday's pattern

Wednesday’s pattern

You know I was going to call these post’s “Humpday for Hookers”, but then I though that might be pushing it. (I may still change it, though!)

I found this pattern looking around Ravelry. It’s called the Pencil Scarf by Zakka Life. I plan on making one of these for my DD’s teacher. I know she will love it! She has some other, very wonderfully clever, craft ideals posted, so check out her whole blog.

Enjoy, and remember to let me know if you make any of these project I would love to feature them on my blog!