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PS is almost done!

I feel like it been a huge undertaking to get this thing made, but already I’m thinking of making another one! It’s such a since of accomplishment to have made it and to see the outcome is so rewarding that I want that feeling again. I’m a bit further along then the picture that I’m posting, but I wanted to post it anyway.


I have finished the top and side now and I’m working on the bottom part. I hope to have it that done by the end of the weekend. Then I’ll only have to trim it out. Like I said before, I’m thinking of making another one only this time I want to do it in the same color family, I’m just not sure which family. lol



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  1. That is going to be beautiful! I have it on my “to do” list and maybe after I finish a few WIPs…

  2. Looks great! The colors on your photoshop are so accurate to the yarn colors. I am really impressed.

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