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Pencil Scarf Pattern


***This pattern was first designed, written, and knitted by Zakka Life Crafts. I loved it so much that I wanted to write a crocheted version of it. The original designer was nice enough to give me permission to post my version. Thank you!***

Below you will find the PDF of the pattern. If you are unable to get the file to work please let me know, this is the first time I have tried to add a file like this. Thanks



13 thoughts on “Pencil Scarf Pattern”

  1. Hi..I love so many of your patterns..I am trying to make this pencil scarf and I am having a bit of trouble..I am not coming out with the correct dc’s and also.. when I go to row 10.. how do I make the other rolls even where they are not shorter on one end..I may not be explaining this right.. it says to dc in each dc.. do I dc in the chain area also? on both ends ?..thanks..

  2. Thank you for the wonderful comment. I must say that it has been so long since I have looked at this pattern, and I’ve had no one comment or post any problems, that it may take me a while to understand just what it was that I did. Please bear with me on this. Once you start row 10 it is simply crocheted across, a DC in each DC, at the end of the row, you should always put a DC in the ch on your last row. (this is true on most every crochet project if not you will have a decrease of one stitch. I hope that didn’t sound like I am taking down to you I don’t know your crochet experience and just want to explain it well for you.) You do not put an extra DC at the beginning if you do you will then have an increase. If you find that the count is off I just could have made a simple mistake in my numbers and must say that truly the count isn’t that important as long as it looks proportioned. I will give this a try later today to see if I find any counting errors.

    If I still didn’t answer your question well enough, please ask again and I will be glad to try to do a better job. I hope this helps and again please ask if you have anymore questions!


  3. Hi Shelly… ahhh thank you for the quick response.. but your pattern is perfect.. I finally figured it out.. noo I dont have alot of experience.. and was unsure of the first and last dc.. and this message cleared it up perfectly.. soo I really appreciate it.. I am half way thru with the scarf now.. thanks again for your lovely site and the beautiful work you share.. if I see another that u have done.. can I email you for the pattern??..

  4. You are more then welcome! I am so happy that you have figured it out and welcome to the world of crocheting!!

    You are welcome to stop by as often as you like and use any pattern that you find here, some by me, but most by other more talented designers!

    You must promise; however, that you will take a picture and let me see your scarf when it is done. I would love to see it!


  5. I love this pattern! I work in third grade and plan on making this as gifts for my students! (They NEVER have pencils!)

    Thanks so much!

    1. LOL, my kids never seem to find a pencil either, but at the end of the day I find at least 4 on the floor around the house!!

      What a great gift for you students and what a wonderful teacher to do that!! Thank you for all you do for our kids!!!

  6. I made a pencil scarf for my sister (she is a school teacher). I was going to make a smaller version for my 2 granddaughters – but they want the longer, full sized ones (that are taller than they are!)

  7. I made this for a teacher and she loves it I will be making more for other teacher so thankful for the pattern it was easy to follow and do!

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