Teacher APPRECIATION flower

I have been want to do the Daffodil pattern from Plant June and this was the perfect time to do it! Today was take your favorite flower to you teacher day and this is what I made…

I used a pin backing so that she can take it off the stem and wear it when she wants.

I also bought a vase and filled it with little rocks so that she can keep it in her room.

This was a super simple pattern and Plant June really makes them easy to understand! Thank you so much for shearing it with us!


3 thoughts on “Teacher APPRECIATION flower”

  1. Cool flower! But didn’t you mean Teacher APPRECIATION? An Apparition is a “supernatural sight or thing; a ghost or phantom”… Of course, some of my teachers back in the day DID belong in that category…*lol* Anyway, now I must break into my stash of color and crochet! Thanks for posting!

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