Green Summer Tank

I have been wanting to make Alesa a tank top for the summer, about as much a I want to make one for myself.  So the other day I let her pick out some yarn for her top and yesterday I went to work looking for the perfect pattern.  I couldn’t find the perfect pattern so I just winged it.

We used Caron Simply Soft in Soft Green.  I wanted something that was open so that the acrylic factor wouldn’t be so hot.

I left it apron style in the back so that, again, we didn’t have the acrylic factor.  She really likes it and I think with a simple white shirt underneath she should be able to wear it to school.

Here is the top just laid out on the table, please excuse the lighting I really have no good places inside to take photo’s.

Now, I didn’t write out the pattern for this, simply because I don’t like writing them and I haven’t head that anyone has ever used the ones that I have written.