Cameo is done!

I have had the book “Everyday Crochet” by Doris Chan for quite awhile now, and I have wanted to make the first pattern in it, the Cameo tank. I started it last year and for some reason just couldn’t get the pattern to make sense. Well, when I found the new yarn Naturallycaron.com I just had to try Spa. I got myself 4 skeins of Ocean Spray and this is what it made.

I LOVE this top! The yarn is a Bamboo Acrylic blend with more acrylic then bamboo so it’s still a bit to warm to wear in the Texas heat, but I will suffer through and wear this on July 4 to a cookout that we are going to. I also found some new yarn coming out at Elann that I may try. This only took me a few day to make so I have no problems making it again.

I went back to Jo-Ann’s and got me a few more skeins of Naturallycaron.com in country. This is a acrylic and wool blend, and I’m going to make a cute little cardi that I found on Ravelry. You really should join!


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  1. Okay, you’re gonna hafta explain to me about Ravelry. I hear it’s the rage, but I don’t understand quite what it is. *I think* the time I tried to get my name in the loop it the page wouldn’t take…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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