A quick fill in…

I did start the other hat for hubby, but ended up hating the needles that I was using! I need a set of size 6 16″ circular needles and size 8 16″. I have a pair of some plastic, really pointed, size 6 and no 8, but can you believe that neither of them are at my local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joann’s. So Mon when the kids go off to school I’m off to my LYS to get me a set interchangeable needles! I tired of needing all different needles and never having the right ones.

So until that happens I made this little hat for Alesa. Hermione’s hat that she wears in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. I used some Patons Classic Wool that was given to me by a lovely lady on Crochetville. The partten was really easy, even thought I only casted on 98 (I think) and had to M1 after the ribbing and I had to follow the mod that was giving in her comment section on the decreases. It really wasn’t hard to do at all and I may make a few more as gifts. Three days tops, off and on, to make and I’m slow.

The hat looks gray in the photo, but it has a more natural brown color. I still have a few days of waiting before I’m off to the LYS, so in the mean time I may start on the Luna Lovegood Scarf for something to do. You gotta love Harry Potter, I know I do!!!



I didn’t let it beat me! If I start something then I can’t let it win that would be too much like giving up so I stuck with it and now I have a beautiful sweater for all my troubles!

The yarn was really nice and I think it will be nice a warm once the temp drops from the 100’s I’ll be able to find out. I love the buttons that I got for this, although you can’t see them on this photo, they look like leaves and are very well suited for me and this jacket. I hope to make another one sometime, but not anytime real soon.

I’m starting back on a hat the tried to make last year. At the time I didn’t have the correct needles for it, nor was I ready for such a advanced project. I going to go out today and get me a set of Denise Interchangeable needles and then hopefully I wont have to worry about not having the right needles for the job.


I’ve been fighting this one…

But I think I’m winning.  I started a jacket that I found on Ravelry, called February Lady Sweater.  Looks like a very simple pattern, adapted from a babies jacket, and why would anyone have a problem with it?  Well leave it to me to let a simple garter stitch mess me up!  I don’t know why but I had to frog this this so many times because I was mess up the worlds easiest stitch!  Well, once I got past that the lace part was easy, except for all the times I missed the yarn overs (YO) and had to make them up as I went.  Well here is the first, and only picture for now, of my WIP,

I’m using NaturallyCaron.com in Country and I really like this yarn to, if you remember I just did my Cameo in Naturally Caron Spa, and really loved how that one turned out, this one is no different.  Right now I’m working on the sleeves and almost have one done.  Once I finish the first sleeve I’ll take another picture and show it off.

I got my new copy of Crochet Today and I really like several patterns in it.  The jacket on the front is on my short list of things to make, but I think next will be a pattern that I just had emailed to me tonight from Lions Brand.  It seems like you can never find patterns for girls.  I mean a girl, not a baby or toddler, but one that is 7 years old!  But thanks to Lions Brand I know have my next project Giovanna’s Cardi.  I love everything about it, but the fact that is calls for Vanna’s choice yarn.  Every time I have felt that yarn it’s felt almost plastic.  I’m sure I’ll find a easy enough sub for it though.

Well, I’m off for the night.


What is Ravelry…?

Well, Sandi, you have asked a very good question! A lot of people are talking about Ravelry and for those that are not register members then it hard to understand the function or practicality of it.

I really don’t know if you would call it a web site, forum, data base, but all I know is it is a one stop shopping place to find patterns, to purchase or for free, it’s a place to keep all of my stash filed in one place, and it keeps all my FO’s in one place, but their’s even more to it then that.

Say I find a pattern that I like, most of the time that’s a free pattern, I will start off by queuing it, this just means that I put it in a file page that I can come back to later if I can’t start it now. ( I have 194 patterns in queue =P ) From there I can print out my pattern and then decide if I want to use any of my stash yarn or if I need to buy new yarn. If I can’t find or afford that yarn then I might want to know if I can use say Red Heart, I’ll look to the side of the page and see that maybe 114 people have made this pattern then I’ll have a look to see if anyone else has used Red Heart of some other yarn that I might be able to afford. I can then see if others have had problems with the pattern or yarn and see if anyone made and modification to the pattern that may suit me better. Then if I come to a part of the pattern that I’m having trouble on I can then send a message to the designer to ask for help, or I can ask someone else that has worked on the pattern for help also. After I’m done I can then take a picture of my work and post it on my projects page for all to see. I’ll get comments for other or just a simple ♥ to say I like your work.

Now, if all that wasn’t enough you even have groups that you can join, it’s a great way to find people that have the same interest as you, or may live close to you. You have a place to file all your hooks and needles, and a place to show your books in your library.

Now if that isn’t enough to get you to sign up then maybe just knowing that it will only take about 3 days to get your invitation should get you to try again. (I had to wait over a month )

If you have anymore question about it just let me know, and do let me know if anyone signs up I would love to have you in my friends list!