I’ve been fighting this one…

But I think I’m winning.  I started a jacket that I found on Ravelry, called February Lady Sweater.  Looks like a very simple pattern, adapted from a babies jacket, and why would anyone have a problem with it?  Well leave it to me to let a simple garter stitch mess me up!  I don’t know why but I had to frog this this so many times because I was mess up the worlds easiest stitch!  Well, once I got past that the lace part was easy, except for all the times I missed the yarn overs (YO) and had to make them up as I went.  Well here is the first, and only picture for now, of my WIP,

I’m using NaturallyCaron.com in Country and I really like this yarn to, if you remember I just did my Cameo in Naturally Caron Spa, and really loved how that one turned out, this one is no different.  Right now I’m working on the sleeves and almost have one done.  Once I finish the first sleeve I’ll take another picture and show it off.

I got my new copy of Crochet Today and I really like several patterns in it.  The jacket on the front is on my short list of things to make, but I think next will be a pattern that I just had emailed to me tonight from Lions Brand.  It seems like you can never find patterns for girls.  I mean a girl, not a baby or toddler, but one that is 7 years old!  But thanks to Lions Brand I know have my next project Giovanna’s Cardi.  I love everything about it, but the fact that is calls for Vanna’s choice yarn.  Every time I have felt that yarn it’s felt almost plastic.  I’m sure I’ll find a easy enough sub for it though.

Well, I’m off for the night.