The wait is over!

After a year of planning, buying and otherwise honeing my skills I have now finished the Koolhass Hat.

Koolhaas Hat 2

I will admit that it was a bit fun to make, once I stopped using the cable needle.  Really it is a must when you make this hat.  (you can still make it with the cable needle it just take so much time to use.)  I will however have to make another one for two reasons.  One, it was a bit short for hubby so I need the extra repeat, and two because the MIL took this one!

I loved using my new Knit Picks circular needles.  I got the wood ones and they just feel so much better in my hands then the bamboo ones do.  I’m glad that I just sucked it up and ordered them.  I have the chance to buy a whole set of Nickle plated ones, and yes Jocelyn I still very much want to get them I just haven’t had the chance yet, I think I may sell the Denise ones I just got if I find that I like these better, or not! LOL

I have a project that I’m working on right now.  It’s a bag for my needles.  I can’t say anymore, but I stole the ideal from hubbies fishing tackle.  If it works out like I hope than I will have the pattern, or the bags for sell, so stand by!  It will also work great for crochet hooks too! 😉


7 thoughts on “The wait is over!”

  1. Lovely hat! Those little 2-stitch crossings go so much faster when you’ve learned to cable without the needle. When I saw the small picture, I thought it was Shedir, which I did in exactly the same shade of blue. Now that you’ve conquered Koolhaus, try Shedir; it’s an 8-st repeat (I think), all around, much easier than it looks.

  2. I’m making this hat for my son and wanted to know how you knitted this without the darned cable needle? I love the pattern, it’s just too fiddly with having to use the cable needle every other stitch.


  3. It’s easy once you get the hang on it, but I don’t think I can explain it well enough so I’ll give it a try and link you to a video where you can see it.

    Because it was just the two stitches I just removed them both from the left needle and then twisted them in the right order and put them back on the left needle. You have to make sure that you are not holding your work too tight or you will pull them out.

    Here is the video that will give you a better ideal of how to do it.

    I hope it helps!!

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