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But that doesn’t mean that I’ve given up crochet/knitting all together.  NEVER!  It seems to always happen to me when I finish something that was either long or hard.  I guess with the Feb sweater and the Koolhass hat I just needed a break.  However my mind isn’t far from the things I love the most.  While at a moving sale yesterday I spied, with my little eye, a sewing chest.  Well after giving the lady the required $5.00 and walking away with a completely loaded piece of furniture, I came home and proceeded to empty it.  I sew very little but was happy with all the things that I found in it, buttons, tape measures, pin, needles and other notions.  Now I have made it a notion box from some of my knitting/crochet items. Have a look…

Wooden crochet box 3

Wooden crochet box

Wooden crochet box 2

Wooden crochet box 4

Wooden crochet box 5

Every once in a while I’m able to come across a deal that is too good to pass up, to me this one was it!

ETA: After looking around I found these boxes run about $60.00!!  But I still use my tackle box for my needles and stitch makers.

Now I’m off to try to find a new pattern to inspire me into doing something!


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  1. I can’t believe you paid $5 for that! Way to go!!!!!

  2. isawienlady said:

    Caroline, thank you for stopping by! I do love going to yard sells!

  3. OMG shelly, this looks exactly like mine, right down to the box of glue..:)

  4. Great buy! I love cleverly-crafted things that are so useful and pretty to boot. You’re going to have years of enjoyment from this.

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