Welcome Nov!

The years are coming to a end quicker and quicker! *Deep Sigh* Only two more months and we will welcome in a new year. *Another Deep Sigh* Oh well, I’ll have a lot to show for it this year!  I’ve made more things this year then ever before, and know I’ll top that next year!  To add another thing to the count, I’ve finished yet another hat for Hubby.  This one is by the same designer as the Koolhaas Hat his name is Jared Flood, and has some great patterns on his blog brooklyntweed.  This one is called Habitat and is a complex looking hat and pattern, but turns out to be well written and simple to understand.

Dans habitat hat

As always thought I have my mistake, but I’m not going to tell you where, but that was me not paying attention to what stitch was next.  I hope to make another one, this on is too short, again, for Hubbys head, so I’ll and a flip up band to it once I get more yarn.

I’ve started another hat, this time it’s for me!  It’s called Foliage, and is a top down hat.  I’m already to the body of the hat and hope to be done soon.

Hope everyone had a safe and happ Halloween and let’s bring on Thanksgiving!!