Finish the UFO’s

That is my goal for 2009, finish my UFO’s.  I have a few Un-Finished Objects laying around and they need to get done.

  1. Is the elusive Harry Potter scarf.  I have only tried to start this thing about 3 times and I’m soon to be working on my 4th time.
  2. Is the Sun Ray shawl.  I really like this and want to finish it, but I’m not quite half way through it.
  3. My Diagonal scarf.  I’m using all the left over yarn from my Very Colorful Blanket.  I started this right after I finished my blanket and it has been setting for over a year.
  4. Is called Purple Heaven.  It’s a blanket that I am making for my daughter.  I try to work on it when I would set in the car waiting to pick her up from school, but now I just walk and so it has just set there.
  5. Is a sweater called ” Starsky” .  It’s based on the sweater warn in the TV show.  I love it and can’t wait to finish it.
  6. Is a quilt blanket from the Happy Yellow House called Desert Star.  It’s  made out of granny squares, which I love, but they are small and as soon as you start one you are finished with it.   I make up a few and then I’m done for a while.   It will be an awesome blanket when I’m finished.

These will all have to be finished around me making baby items for the upcoming niece or nephew’s arrival.  I have several blanket and sweaters to make and I will try to fit in these other iteams.  Wish me luck!