One down…

Well, I got the first of who knows how many thing for my new great niece or nephew done.  It’s now called “Very Colorful Granny”.  I do have a love for lots of brights colors in a blanket, you wont see it around my house though. (strange really)  This one makes me smile every time I see it.

I used Red Heart in lots of bright colors and used a very simple granny square.  It only took me 7 days to complete it!  Now I have lots of time to make other things for the baby.  It’s funny really, my husband commented that only just a few years ago it would take me almost the whole 9 months for finish a blanket and now I can get 9 done in that time.  😛

I really should start on some of my UFO’s now, but hubby has me making him a hat first.  It’s called the Reasonable Hip hat and I’m really excited about making it.  I hope it turns out well, my track record on hats for hubby isn’t that good. 😦



7 thoughts on “One down…”

  1. This is a really cute blanket.. I love bright colors.. I tend to go with brights or blues..sometimes yellows..well ok.. heck I love all colors.. but especially the bright ones..

  2. Thank you! I just love the bright colors too they are cheerful and they say good for babies eyes.

    I’m now in a slump and don’t know what to make next. I want to make a jacket, but finding the right one is turning out to be harder then I thought. lol

  3. ANA! I’m glad you found me! I tried to go to your blog but it said that I needed to be invited. 😦

    We have missed you guys and I hope that everyone is doing well. How is your Dad doing with the whole retirement thing?

    I hope you stop by again soon!

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