Bella’s La Push Hat

I looked for a pattern that came close to Bella’s hat in Twilight, but the only  one that I found was knitted.  I had a good look at the one she was wearing and found it to be crochet, so I made my own.


Ture Bella

I’m wearing mine pulled down in this photo, which makes it more round, Bella is wearing hers up on the top of her head which gives it that doom look.  Once it is blocked you will have the same look.

Ture Bella 2

Sorry my photo’s aren’t the best, but I have to take them by myself.

The pattern is being tested right now, but once it’s finished I’ll have up as a free pattern on Ravelry and Crochetville.


5 thoughts on “Bella’s La Push Hat”

  1. Oh, it’s the best I’ve seen! I can’t wait for you to post the pattern. Thanks so much for figuring this one out- I knew it wasn’t knitted.

    1. Alicia, I have posted the pattern on My Free Patterns page at the top you will see the tab. Let me know if you have a problem downloading it.

      1. Thanks so much. I downloaded it yesterday and went straight to buy yarn for it. I haven’t been able to figure out Round 3. I keep trying and then end up pulling it out. I’m going to take it to my local yarn shop to see if they can help me. Is there a chance you could post (or email me) a picture of the inside of the hat or maybe a close up? I’m so excited to have this hat.

  2. I know its been a while since the posting but is there a direct link to the pattern you can post or send to me via email? Thanks.

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