Some work since I’ve been gone!

I am trying to get my hubbies sweater vest finished by next Thanksgiving!  LOL  It was suppose to be done for this past Thanksgiving, but I didn’t quite make it.


I got most of the back done when I realized that I didn’t have  my white yarn for the clouds, so that went on the back burner so I started on the front.


I’ve gotten a bit more done on it, but I haven’t taken a new photo of it, but I will.  I really want to finish it for time, but as this is my first attempt at colorwork I needed the break!


I make up 3 of these hats for teachers gifts.  The pattern was super easy and very quick!!  The Surface Braid Hat will be my go to hat.


I also made them scarfs to match, at least in color anyway.  This pattern was from the Lion Brand web site so if you want it don’t forget that you have to sign in.  It’s free to register if you’re not already!


I’ve also got the scoop neck sweater on the needles now, from Interweave Knits.  I’ll post a photo of that one later once I get the sleeves finished.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!