Ideal for leftover doilies…

I use to love to make doilies, and have several in a box somewhere in my house.  They never really were useful to me, but still I love them.  Now it’s time to bring them out of the box and use them, thanks to

Dos Family!!


How cool is that!!  I am now off to find my doilies and a plug!!!

I found this site from another wonderful site called More Design Please.  They have some WONDERFUL DIY ideals that I’m sure I’ll be using in the future!!


Almost a year later!

And I’m still working on this Mario Sweater Vest!  I will admit that I took off several months and finished up a few small projects.  It felt good to do something that didn’t need a chart and several colors!  LOL  I but have made that promise to hubby that I would NOT work on anything else until this vest is done!!!!!!

Hubby wants me to make it a V-Neck so I found a pattern by Berroco called Peter Easy.  The pattern is simple enough to apply to this sweater, the only bad part about it is that on the back I already started the decreases based on the original pattern.  Not really a big deal I only have about 13 rows to take out and I’m doing those while at my sons football practice.

Like I said earlier I’ve made quite a few project since I started the Mario Sweater, but I have taken most of the photo’s with my iPhone and I don’t upload them onto my computer, so I’ll try to find out how to get them onto my blog so you’ll be able to see my other goodies!!

I’ll try not to take another 6 months to post again.  I hope to have the front done within the next week or so!!  I’m almost to the decrease for the V-neck.