Still going strong…

I’m still chugging along here on the Ron Wesley blanket. I’m not rushing this since I have no time fram to complete it but I am working two blocks at one time now, started after 11 blocks were already finished, so that I can sell one of them.

Anyway, I though I would post some photo’s of where I’m at now on it and a few other completed projects!


and this one for my husband…


and this one from my son…


BTW, I’ve stopped working on the Red,White and Blue tunisian crochet blanket, yes I’m sure it will be another forever blanket but we’ll see! I hope to pick up the Brakeing Bad blanket again but I may start over. The pattern is easy enough but the start of the row and the end of the row changes and I think I have really messed it up. I’ll have to see if I can just keep going as is or start over.




Other WIP

I also wanted to post 2 of my Works In Progress.


The Ron Weasley Blanket


This is my Breaking Bad (season 1 ) blanket 


Finished the FOREVER blanket!

Well it seems that way anyway. This blanket wast started then stopped, then re-started and they stopped and then changed into a different blanket and now after 9 years it’s finally finished.  Behold the Forever blanket!



I will say that with the Tunisian crochet you have the issue of curling at the ends. I tried to use a boarder that would keep it at a minimum but once I washed it no more curling. I have already started on another Tunisian entrelac blanket, this time for hubby, however this one is worked from the corner.


The curling is really bad on this one so I’m hoping that the washing theory will work here also.  Wish me luck!!


3 Years REALLY!!

Don’t think I haven’t been knitting/crocheting for that long though.  I have been a bit busy, kids, sports, job, life…but I’m back.  I was given a very wonderfull gift from my boss and was give a even more wonderfull add on by hubby and the kids.  Boss gave me an iPad and hubby and the kids gave me a case for it with a keyboard built in.  I LOVE IT!!!  This will make blogging much easier and quicker to do.

I don’t have a lot of photo’s on here yet but the first picture that I did take was of a blanket that I’m making for my daughter.

It is done in Tunisian crochet using an entrelac pattern.  The nice thing about this pattern is that I only have to have 7 loops on my hook at one time and I can use just a regular crochet hook and not the special tunisian hooks.  It makes a wonderful blanket and it is not as havey as you would think it’s surprisingly light weight.

I’m about half way done and I will finish off with a boarder that I hope will keep the edge roll to a minimum.

More post to come on other finished projects. 


Getting some work done

It’s been a while, as always, but I’m still working on the sweater vest. Hubby hurt his knee and had to have surgery so that kept me busy for a bit, but I’m back to work on it. I’m almost finished with the back and once that is done I’ll post a picture of it.

I haven’t been working on much since I’ve been busy with hubby, but I do have an in between project going. I just started work at the kids school, I’ll start back in Aug, and so I now have new things to knit for me so that I look nice!! I started the Lace Cardi from the Spring/ Summer issue of Vogue Knitting.  The stitch is very easy to remember, but you really have to pay attention to the pattern, which I didn’t!!  I have 5 extra stitches on each side, but that shouldn’t really make much of a difference to the end product.

I’m using Caron Simply Soft in ocean and I love the color!!  I think I’m going to like this when it’s done.  Now to give Mario some love too.


Ideal for leftover doilies…

I use to love to make doilies, and have several in a box somewhere in my house.  They never really were useful to me, but still I love them.  Now it’s time to bring them out of the box and use them, thanks to

Dos Family!!


How cool is that!!  I am now off to find my doilies and a plug!!!

I found this site from another wonderful site called More Design Please.  They have some WONDERFUL DIY ideals that I’m sure I’ll be using in the future!!


Almost a year later!

And I’m still working on this Mario Sweater Vest!  I will admit that I took off several months and finished up a few small projects.  It felt good to do something that didn’t need a chart and several colors!  LOL  I but have made that promise to hubby that I would NOT work on anything else until this vest is done!!!!!!

Hubby wants me to make it a V-Neck so I found a pattern by Berroco called Peter Easy.  The pattern is simple enough to apply to this sweater, the only bad part about it is that on the back I already started the decreases based on the original pattern.  Not really a big deal I only have about 13 rows to take out and I’m doing those while at my sons football practice.

Like I said earlier I’ve made quite a few project since I started the Mario Sweater, but I have taken most of the photo’s with my iPhone and I don’t upload them onto my computer, so I’ll try to find out how to get them onto my blog so you’ll be able to see my other goodies!!

I’ll try not to take another 6 months to post again.  I hope to have the front done within the next week or so!!  I’m almost to the decrease for the V-neck.