Some work since I’ve been gone!

I am trying to get my hubbies sweater vest finished by next Thanksgiving!  LOL  It was suppose to be done for this past Thanksgiving, but I didn’t quite make it.


I got most of the back done when I realized that I didn’t have  my white yarn for the clouds, so that went on the back burner so I started on the front.


I’ve gotten a bit more done on it, but I haven’t taken a new photo of it, but I will.  I really want to finish it for time, but as this is my first attempt at colorwork I needed the break!


I make up 3 of these hats for teachers gifts.  The pattern was super easy and very quick!!  The Surface Braid Hat will be my go to hat.


I also made them scarfs to match, at least in color anyway.  This pattern was from the Lion Brand web site so if you want it don’t forget that you have to sign in.  It’s free to register if you’re not already!


I’ve also got the scoop neck sweater on the needles now, from Interweave Knits.  I’ll post a photo of that one later once I get the sleeves finished.


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!




For some reason I haven’t been able to log into this account! I don’t know what happened, but I tried again today, and well, you see here I am!! I’ll try to get caught up as soon as I can. Hopefully I wont get locked out again!


I’m In Love!!

I now have my most favorite sweater EVER!  The pattern is the Side-way Ribs Cardigan from Knitting Daily’s 7 free patterns, if you haven’t signed up for their website it is a must!  It was a quick and simple knit, only calling for increases for the sleeves (M1),  the backward look method for casting on more stitches for the front and back and a three needle bind off, all of which are simple even for a beginner. (just watch a video on each one and you’ll be surprised!)

(The pattern is here for those of you on Ravelry!)

Construction was a bit strange as you start with the sleeve first and then work up to the front and back by casting on more stitches.

left side

The second side was made the same way but casting on is reversed for the front and back.  Once it’s finished you do a three needle bind off on the back and sew the sleeve and sides together.  I’ve had this yarn for over a year and I’m glad that I did this impulse buy, it Moda Dea Tweedle Dee and it’s super soft and was wonderful to work with!  I bought 7 skeins and I have two left over.

sideways ribbed front

Sideways ribbed

This sweater isn’t meant to close in the front and some have made a band to go around the front and neck, as of now I’m going to leave it as is, but may change it later we’ll see.



Bella’s La Push Hat

I looked for a pattern that came close to Bella’s hat in Twilight, but the only  one that I found was knitted.  I had a good look at the one she was wearing and found it to be crochet, so I made my own.


Ture Bella

I’m wearing mine pulled down in this photo, which makes it more round, Bella is wearing hers up on the top of her head which gives it that doom look.  Once it is blocked you will have the same look.

Ture Bella 2

Sorry my photo’s aren’t the best, but I have to take them by myself.

The pattern is being tested right now, but once it’s finished I’ll have up as a free pattern on Ravelry and Crochetville.


A few FO’s

The summer is over, the kids are at school and I’ve got me some knit time!!

I have been a bit busy over the summer months.  I started a knit/crochet group that meets here in The Colony, TX at our local Super Target in the Starbucks.  We meet every other Wed and as there is just three of us, but hopefully we will get more people in and can meet each week.

I have also finished a few projects.

One would be a patter that I’m working on for the “La Push Hat” based off the one that Bella wears in Twilight.  I really hated the hat and swear that I would never make it so I just had to.  I saw what was out there and not one of them, that I could find, even looked close to her hat, so I made my own.

La Push, Baby!!

This one is made with a bulky weight wool yarn and I think it’s too much so I made another one with reg worsted weight wool.

La Push, Baby!! 2

This one isn’t blocked yet, it’d drying now, once it is I’ll post that picture and pattern.

This one is called the Inga’s  Haekelbeutel.  Easy granny squares that are put together to make this cute purse.


I’m also making some things for the PTA Craft Fair again this year.  I’m making, with scrap yarn, (yeah me!) some Tic Tic Toe boards.

Tic Tac Toe

This is another one that I need to get the pattern written up for.

I have a few other things on my needles now, one is a V-neck vest for hubby.  I’m taking a cable pattern that I found posted one Ravelry and using it for his vest.  I haven’t gotten a picture of that and may frog it and try to make it in the round.  Vogue Knitting has a great article by Jared Flood (designer of the Koolhass hat ) about making any flat knit pattern into a seamless pattern.  This is a two part article, part one is out now in the Fall 2009 mag, and part two will be out next month, Winter 2009.

I’m also working on Mr. Greenjeans for my self.  I’m about half done and just need to get going again.  I’m using up some stash yarn that I found at the local re-sale shop. (yeah for me again!)

I’ll be back when I have more!


It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here.  I’m sorry to anyone that stops by here to see what I’m up to.  I haven’t been up to much, just a few things here and there.  As the school year ended I had lots of things to keep me busy so I’ve only had time to make small projects.

Teacher gift headband with flower

This was a quick headband I made from my son’s kinder teacher.  I also made a matching necklace.  The pattern can be found on Creative Yarns blog.  It is for the headband only and if you look you will see the link for her flower or make one of your own.

Granny purse

This was a quick granny square purse that I made following the directions on Vallieskids blog on how to put them together.  Really it’s more like you make them and just fold them over and whip them together.  Oh so simple!

I am in the process of making a tank top!  I have only been wanting to make one for the past 3 years!   I made one in crochet, Cameo, and now I’m making this one call the Razor Cami by Katie Marcus at Oh My Stars blog.  I’ll be doing a few mods to it and will be a photo of where I am so that you can see how it’s coming along.  The pattern is very easy to remember and it really does look good.

Again sorry I’ve been AWL for a while but I hope to be back one the ban wagon now.  Everyone need a break once in a while!