The wait is over!

After a year of planning, buying and otherwise honeing my skills I have now finished the Koolhass Hat.

Koolhaas Hat 2

I will admit that it was a bit fun to make, once I stopped using the cable needle.  Really it is a must when you make this hat.  (you can still make it with the cable needle it just take so much time to use.)  I will however have to make another one for two reasons.  One, it was a bit short for hubby so I need the extra repeat, and two because the MIL took this one!

I loved using my new Knit Picks circular needles.  I got the wood ones and they just feel so much better in my hands then the bamboo ones do.  I’m glad that I just sucked it up and ordered them.  I have the chance to buy a whole set of Nickle plated ones, and yes Jocelyn I still very much want to get them I just haven’t had the chance yet, I think I may sell the Denise ones I just got if I find that I like these better, or not! LOL

I have a project that I’m working on right now.  It’s a bag for my needles.  I can’t say anymore, but I stole the ideal from hubbies fishing tackle.  If it works out like I hope than I will have the pattern, or the bags for sell, so stand by!  It will also work great for crochet hooks too! 😉