Getting some work done

It’s been a while, as always, but I’m still working on the sweater vest. Hubby hurt his knee and had to have surgery so that kept me busy for a bit, but I’m back to work on it. I’m almost finished with the back and once that is done I’ll post a picture of it.

I haven’t been working on much since I’ve been busy with hubby, but I do have an in between project going. I just started work at the kids school, I’ll start back in Aug, and so I now have new things to knit for me so that I look nice!! I started the Lace Cardi from the Spring/ Summer issue of Vogue Knitting.  The stitch is very easy to remember, but you really have to pay attention to the pattern, which I didn’t!!  I have 5 extra stitches on each side, but that shouldn’t really make much of a difference to the end product.

I’m using Caron Simply Soft in ocean and I love the color!!  I think I’m going to like this when it’s done.  Now to give Mario some love too.


Almost a year later!

And I’m still working on this Mario Sweater Vest!  I will admit that I took off several months and finished up a few small projects.  It felt good to do something that didn’t need a chart and several colors!  LOL  I but have made that promise to hubby that I would NOT work on anything else until this vest is done!!!!!!

Hubby wants me to make it a V-Neck so I found a pattern by Berroco called Peter Easy.  The pattern is simple enough to apply to this sweater, the only bad part about it is that on the back I already started the decreases based on the original pattern.  Not really a big deal I only have about 13 rows to take out and I’m doing those while at my sons football practice.

Like I said earlier I’ve made quite a few project since I started the Mario Sweater, but I have taken most of the photo’s with my iPhone and I don’t upload them onto my computer, so I’ll try to find out how to get them onto my blog so you’ll be able to see my other goodies!!

I’ll try not to take another 6 months to post again.  I hope to have the front done within the next week or so!!  I’m almost to the decrease for the V-neck.





A quick fill in…

I did start the other hat for hubby, but ended up hating the needles that I was using! I need a set of size 6 16″ circular needles and size 8 16″. I have a pair of some plastic, really pointed, size 6 and no 8, but can you believe that neither of them are at my local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Joann’s. So Mon when the kids go off to school I’m off to my LYS to get me a set interchangeable needles! I tired of needing all different needles and never having the right ones.

So until that happens I made this little hat for Alesa. Hermione’s hat that she wears in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. I used some Patons Classic Wool that was given to me by a lovely lady on Crochetville. The partten was really easy, even thought I only casted on 98 (I think) and had to M1 after the ribbing and I had to follow the mod that was giving in her comment section on the decreases. It really wasn’t hard to do at all and I may make a few more as gifts. Three days tops, off and on, to make and I’m slow.

The hat looks gray in the photo, but it has a more natural brown color. I still have a few days of waiting before I’m off to the LYS, so in the mean time I may start on the Luna Lovegood Scarf for something to do. You gotta love Harry Potter, I know I do!!!